Bainbridge Strategies specializes in dealing with Social Information Attack situations.

We are specialists here to guide you safely to harbor in situations involving social media attacks, adversarial journalists, manufactured protests, and the like.

Neither lawyers nor public relations experts are equipped to deal with your Social Information Attack situations. But Bainbridge is.

Situation Control

  • Mitigation services designed to resolve Social Information Attack situations with minimal reputational damage
  • Rapid interventions into ongoing or developing Social Information Attack situations
  • Aimed at efficiently and calmly taking control of Social Information Attack situations

Reputation Management

  • Ongoing legacy monitoring and advisory services for potential Social Information Attacks
  • Designed to ensure future Social Information Attacks do not become crisis situations
  • Especially important after a Social Information Attack for preventing copy-cats

Privacy Benchmarking

  • Via our proprietary Social Information Attack Susceptibility™️ (SIAS) metrics
  • Determine what your privacy and Social Information Attack vector weaknesses are
  • Improve Social Information Attack vector hygiene, both immediately and long term